Remnants is a collaboration between composer Matthew Langford, and visual artist Jeremy Grant.
“Remnants” | 6in x 48ft | collage in 6 panels
”Remnants” | 16:44 | Animated video
”(no) rest for the weary” | 16:44 | Composition performed by 6 person ensemble. Live performance recorded on iPhone 5.


“Remnants” | 6in x 48ft | collage in 6 panels
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Photos from performance of “Remnants.” The evening featured live improvisational musical performances, custom crafted pastries and cocktails from local artisans as well as the premiere performance of “(no) rest for the weary.”

Nature simultaneously presents itself to us as chaotic and predictable. Our experience of life is often the same. Many people find comfort and solace in their experience of nature for the precise reason that it is predictable and yet not easily quantifiable.

A river will always flow from higher to lower elevation, but its path will not be immediately decipherable as having a predictable pattern. When we see things with a broader perspective, however, the fractal patterns of nature become evident.

Our performance draws inspiration from nature - musical tones, colors, and shapes that are present in nature. We have taken this inspiration and borrowed the communal associations from those natural elements and re-contextualized them into a kind of communal, sacred space.




Dorian Kincaid
Violin, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Laura Klein
Piano, Arvada United Methodist Church

Nicole Langford
Substitute Viola, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Judith McIntyre
Acting Principal Cello, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Ryan Spencer
Principal Trumpet, Denver Philharmonic Orchestra

Patricia Surman
Assistant Professor of Flute, Metropolitan State University



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