city we love - art fundraiser

I'm excited to participate in "City We Love" a charity event supporting Mary's Home, a program that provides resources, including housing, to single mothers and their children. For more information about the event click here.   


This afternoon, I'll head out to donate this piece to the art auction portion of the event. There are several things about this piece that make it meaningful in this particular context.

-The rusted metal that borders this piece was given to me from the ashes of a home lost in the Black Forest Fire, just outside of Colorado Springs. How poetic that from the ashes of a lost home, others will receive homes.

-Colorado Springs is haunted by images of Native Americans. Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne tribe is memorialized in stone above Phantom Canyon Brewery. The Pioneer museum has a room filled with artifacts of the indigenous people. Yet today, there is little or no indigenous presence. I see some subtle similarities between this overlooked people group, and the overlooked people who live and work in our midst. 

This "City We Love" event will support causes that seek to dignify people who have been overlooked and marginalized. This event will not solve racism, it will not end homelessness or poverty, but it will raise awareness of significant issues. And the idea of giving dignity to ALL people ... that's something I'm proud to support.

this awesome photo by  Jon Collins

this awesome photo by Jon Collins