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Industry: Athletics, Education

Project: The athletes at Moody Bible Institute, in Chicago, have long been known as the "archers" - a reference to an iconic archway on campus. In 2016, a new mascot, "Archie" the sheepdog, was developed through a strategic process to identify key attributes of the athletics program like "determination, focus, strength, and 'seeker of the lost'."

Role: Classic athletic styles informed the creation of the team name designs and lockups. For the mascot, I researched all kinds of sheepdogs and settled in to the basic body style of German shepherd breeds for their strong, barrel-chested build. As I developed the mascot I didn't want to communicate a specific breed of dog, but rather to personify the Archers' values. I created alternate versions, a shield version for the soccer team, and an oval containment badge version. 

Firm: SIGNALcsk

Support: Cristina Schuett (additional art direction)