Industry: hospitality, non-profit

Project: Originally built by General William Palmer, Glen Eyrie is a castle nestled in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. A Scottish name meaning "the valley of the eagle's nest," Glen Eyrie is maintained as a campus for spiritual retreats, a place of safety, set apart from ordinary life.

Role: In creating a new identity, I was tasked with maintaining a sense of spiritual and historical significance, while creating a contemporary "hospitality" feel. The logo was hand-drawn, as I found inspiration in turn of the century type styles, specifically from the American West. The symbol is a simplified version of the geographic place, and creates a protective covering for the eagle. I created a series of additional handmade elements including brush stroke textures and brush pen illustrations based on historical woodcuts of the native plants and animals. 

Firm: SIGNALcsk

Support: Cristina Schuett (art direction), Raychel Powell (additional design)