Industry: hospitality, non-profit

Project: Originally built by General William Palmer, Glen Eyrie is a castle nestled in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. A Scottish name meaning "the valley of the eagle's nest," Glen Eyrie is maintained as a campus for spiritual retreats, a place of safety, set apart from ordinary life.

Role: In creating a new identity, I was tasked with maintaining a sense of spiritual and historical significance, while creating a contemporary "hospitality" feel. The logo was hand-drawn, as I found inspiration in turn of the century type styles, specifically from the American West. The symbol is a simplified version of the geographic place, and creates a protective covering for the eagle. I created a series of additional handmade elements including brush stroke textures and brush pen illustrations based on historical woodcuts of the native plants and animals. Those graphic elements and style were then applied to a website and numerous on-site applications.

Firm: SIGNALcsk

Support: Cristina Schuett (art direction), Raychel Powell (additional design)